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Officers to wear video cameras means less violence?

dcd538da8f08ea99cd05df16307aaf1cpolice brutality is ever present in the world today from incidents ranging from the minimal to the extreme. Police are under a microscope and are ever vigilante in their conduct. More states seem to want to implement this system on all police departments if they can. Its as if they didn’t have monitoring systems bound on their person more police corruption would occur. This experiment and these results certainly point to that conclusion.

Cops protecting the law no matter what, even at the cost of protecting lives


Driving a motored vehicle potentially poses many risks to everyone on the road. This risk is greatly increased by dangers and warnings of this magnitude. The police officer poses many risks to other motorists on the road simply by behaving like this. Simply being the use of excessive forced in which the end result was not intended to be.

“Cop Block” gets blasted for being a hate group


This media source comes from the group “Cop Block” on the social media site Facebook. Their agenda is to promote anti-police and anti-government sentiment and push it to the masses. The stories and articles presented on their page have been discredited to only sensationalize certain stories to show police and the government in a negative light. This article is an example of discrediting police in one way. Most of the stories displayed are insightful such as this one and make you question the morality of police officers, but often many are often to question this page and what it presents.

Law enforcement above the law


Society for the most part does not want criminal activity to occur, when it does law enforcement is quick to decrease the activity taking place. when it comes to the law enforcement committing criminal activity it is often encouraged or condone in many ways. justifying that they are the law and are not to be accountable for any criminal activity while they wear their badge. Even justifying that they are above the law signifying that it is okay for them to do it but society cant or will be punished. It pushes the idea that law enforcement are more morally upstanding than the average citizen.

Technology to give us data to reform


Advancements in technology have given us more information than we can ever. thanks to these advancements proof can be gathered and presented to be valid. Situations with law enforcement are generally not documented so no conduct can be observed to see if there was any form of brutality. Through the coming years many incidents involving police brutality have been documented to show that it was present. If this is the case then it would be wise to implement that most if not all interactions that the public have with the police be photographed or filmed.